Tara Monks / Doctor-Patient Priviliges Don't Include Gossip

Doctor-Patient Priviliges Don't Include Gossip

Doctors who vent their stress, frustration or just exhaustion with their work are known to mock patients. The question is whether this promotes stereotypes.

Let them vent!
Doctor-Patient Priviliges Don't Include Gossip

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While it seems easy to condemn doctors for verbally jabbing at their patients after they leave the room, it's easy to understand the behavior. Every one, no matter what the profession, experiences stress within the workplace. Venting is a natural reaction to stress. The article points out that mocking patients is common among those in the medical profession, and explains that it may cause stereotypes of patients before they are seen. That is at the fault of the person who forms the stereotype. Watch the full story on: Cases - When Battlefield Humor Backfires

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