Tara Monks / Mom who thought she was Virgin Mary when she killed children may be released

Mom who thought she was Virgin Mary when she killed children may be released

Florida criminal attorney alert: Woman who thought she was Virgin Mary when she drowned 3 kids 30 years ago may be released from hospital.

Hospital doctors, staff say she can go.
Mom who thought she was Virgin Mary when she killed children may be released

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Orlando, FL – A woman who has spent the past 30 years in a state psychiatric hospital for drowning her three young daughters in a bathtub may be released soon, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. Dianne Evers, now 53, “is no longer manifestly dangerous,” and has learned to manage her illness, according to medical staffers at Florida State Hospital.

Circuit Judge Mark Hill has been involved with the case for 20 years and will make a decision based on the testimonies of the doctors, nurses and social workers whom have worked with Evers.

Dianne Evers drowned her 4-year-old twins, Carrie and Sherrie, and 2-year-old girl Mandy, on New Year’s Day in 1980 as family members played checkers in another room. She reported that she believed she was the Mother of God and was hearing voices when she drowned the girls. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity and involuntarily committed to the hospital in 1981.

Evers as found to suffer from a schizoaffective disorder that entails auditory hallucinations and bizarre delusions.

She has attempted suicide several times during her treatment, and reportedly cut her wrists so deep one time that 44 stitches were required to close the wounds. She has acted out towards patients and staff members at the hospital over the years as well.

Evers did not testify during last week’s hearing and declined a press interview.

Prosecutors oppose her release, as does her ex-husband who fathered the three girls.

Jerry Evers told the Sentinel, “She robbed them (his daughters) of all they had and all they would ever have – their hopes, their dreams…I don’t believe she’s any better or any safer than 30 years ago. She’s doing the same thing she’s done for umpteen years now. I guarantee you she’ll go hallucinating again and someone else will get hurt.”

Mr. Evers, a former truck driver who has since remarried and had other children, says he relives the tragedy every time he hears of similar events. He added, after listing a few filicide cases, “My heart always goes out to the father. They’ve got so much pain ahead of them.”

Hospital staffers claim Dianne Evers has developed a means of coping with the death of her children and is now able to handle day-to-day disappointments, frustrations and stress without serious backlash.

The supervising psychologist said Evers controls her hallucinations and behavior with counseling, coping strategies and for drugs, including an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer.

The hearing ended without a decision by Hill. He told Evers, as well as her lawyer, that he would not consider any replacement at a halfway house until he sees a written care plan for her release.

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