Tara Monks / Wal-Mart settles lawsuit with California – Solano County final settlement

Wal-Mart settles lawsuit with California – Solano County final settlement

Legal News for California environmental attorneys: Solano County the last to settle a state-wide environmental violations lawsuit with Wal-Mart, to receive $1M.

Wiki Image: Wal-Mart has agreed to final payment of $1M to Solano County, settling California lawsuit.
Wal-Mart settles lawsuit with California – Solano County final settlement

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Los Angeles, CA – Wal-Mart has agreed to a settlement with Solano County, CA that will pay $1 million for environmental violations, according to Contra Costa Times. Statewide, the environmental violation settlement has reached almost $28 million.

The settlement with Solano County marks the end of a state-wide lawsuit.

Wal-Mart will pay $1.295 million to Solano County for environmental violations.

The case began in Solano County in April 2002 after police received reports of a child playing in a pile of a yellow colored powder near the Vacaville store. Investigators were sent to the scene and reported finding piles of fertilizer-type substances and open bags of ammonium sulfate.

During the same time, Wal-Mart employees in San Diego and Riverside were reportedly dumping hazardous materials such as bleach and motor oil.

An investigation found that the store failed to comply with various environmental regulations and laws related to the correct handling, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes.

Wal-Mart did not admit to the allegations, but agreed to accept a $20 million civil penalty.

The overall settlement sets aside $3 million for supplemental environmental projects. It also grants $1.6 million for the reimbursement of prosecuting fees incurred during the case.

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